Hemm Rohm — formed in Berlin a few years ago. The group's music associates with places and their moods. Their self-titled debut album is based on a visual theme, which guided the writing, recording and mixing processes. The record is about travelling along the coast, late-night driving, distant city silhouettes, blurry neon lights and encountering the unknown. It arranges a broad palette of creeping synth sounds, incisive percussion, diffuse guitar elements and odd rehearsal room recordings. Produced by Hemm Rohm, digitally released in September 2017.

Prior to their debut album Hemm Rohm published their first musical excerpts in 2015 on their “Shade Olympics” EP. It was followed by “Shade Olympics [Int/r Loops]” in 2016, for which audio-visual artist Int/r transformed the band’s music into interstellar drones.

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